Card / Print Design


"Guardian of our
lifeblood on Earth"

Among the myriad of shapes and lines lies a design of our water serpent, also known as Avanyu.  Our stories tell us that the avanyu is the protector of water.  Every corner of our land is the guardian of one of our most precious resources.

Poster size: 11" x 17"
Card size: 4" x 6"
comes with corresponding envelopes


"Our blessed Mother Earth, Our blessed home"

This card design represents the very land we live on.  Every shape and color shade difference stands for how the color of the land changes.  The various shapes are the land formation, such as mountains, hills, valleys, etc.

Card size: 4.25" x 5.5"
comes with corresponding envelopes


"Father Sun"

This is a representation of our guardian, Father Sun.  The shapes to the upper right and bottom left represent mountains and hills.  The lines in the background represent light Father Sun sends to earth, giving us light to create our own paths.

Card size: 4.25" x 5.5"
comes with corresponding envelopes

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Pueblo Watercolor Paintings


"Mountain Flower"

This is my interpretation of an Indian name, "Povi Pin", which, translated from Tewa means "Mountain Flower".  This was my late mother's name, given to her when she got married.  Purple was one of her favorite colors, which is the reason for this particular color of matboard.

This piece, much like "Our Protectors", is different in that the mat was designed and cut first, then the painting made to fit the mat.

Overall size: 26" x 18"


"Birth of a Butterfly"

Creating your own identity and the quest for knowledge are some of the trials associated with growing up.  With that in mind, I created this piece to show how, just like a butterful that grows and learns from their environment before setting off on their own, we follow that same path.

The butterfly is just about to break through its cocoon, armed with the knowledge to become part of the circle, establishing their own place in this world.

Overall size: 19" x 26"


"Our Protectors"

The water serpent design is a very popular subject to a wide array of artists and cultures.  This painting represents how the serpent is the protector of one of our precious resources: water.  But it is up to us as people, as humans, to be responsible in how we use this resource.

If we continue to abuse water, our protectors leave, drying up all the rivers, lakes, and oceans that once sustained all life on earth.

Overall size: 30" x 30"


"Tewa Butterfly"

This butterfly is my rendition of one of the butterflies a person would see within the pueblo.  By seeing butterflies around us, we are reminded that even the smallest of us on earth still hold a beauty that can be shown, and that we all belong, living in harmony.

I have always enjoyed painting the smaller pieces.  I have often thought simplicity is sometimes best, and can be just as beautiful as the larger, more complex pieces.

Overall size: 9 1/8" x 9 1/8"


"Mimbres Fish"

I like to research the history of Tewa/Indian pottery and painting.   I have always felt that in order to grow as an artist, it is extremely important to learn your roots. I will then take images from the past and use them in my own version.

This fish is exactly that; borrowing an image from the past, and making it my own.  Since the fish was an important food source for our ancestors, it was important to record it in our own way.

Overall size: 11" x 11"


"Tun Povi"

The wild sunflower is pretty common in the pueblo regions of Northern New Mexico.  But I think we often forget and even neglect how even the plants around us are there to show us that life all around us.

We continue to use the sunflower as part of our regalia during the Corn Dance.  The ladies use them as a decoration on their mantas.

Overall size: 18" x 18"